Welcome to Simba 4×4 Tours and Safaris

Simba 4×4 Tours and Safaris provides you with diverse experiences in 8 African countries. Experience guided group 4×4 safari tours through Africa, South Africa, East Africa, South East Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho, Tanzania and Kenya, as well as Anglo Boer War Tours. We can offer lodge accommodation in certain locations as well as camping and overland programs that range from sightseeing to very specialized travel opportunities.

Our Safaris are essentially guided, self drive, self catering safaris. Our main offering is camping Safaris. The clients hire a fully equipped 4×4 (single cab 2 seater or double cab 4 seater vehicles) with roof top tents and cater for themselves with food bought beforehand.

I will facilitate the 4×4 hire and will help with the purchase of food and other necessities the day before departure.

About Simba 4×4 Tours and Safaris

I have done African Safaris since 1996, in what was initially family holidays and trips with friends . I arranged trips and took groups of friends to venture into Africa – to wild and wonderful destinations. To date this has lead to me participating in or leading of some 30 or more Safaris ranging in duration of 3 days to 25 days.

In a former life I was involved in Defence Force style 4x4ing and later I participated in motor sport. Driving was in my blood. All this gave me a very good background into all forms of motoring and also mechanical repairs.

We can therefore offer two products:

  • The first one is the African 4×4 Safari, with short (6 to 9 days) and long (10 to 21 days) tours to various destinations mainly in southern and south eastern Africa.
  • The second offering is short duration Anglo Boer War tours.

To plan a Tour or a Safari (and to book accommodation timeously), Simba 4×4 Tours and Safaris require at least a three month notice period for a Tour or a Safari. At least 2 possible envisaged dates may ensure greater chance of success. Enquire Now and send an enquiry for more details and for our terms and conditions.

One of my hobbies is the Anglo Boer War (from 1899 to 1902). There are many hidden and rarely visited ABW sites, Field Hospitals, out of the way Cemeteries, stone shelters, blockhouses, trenches, battle fields, memorials, concentration camp sites and other evidence of the ABW around South Africa that is still visible today, a 110 or more years after the War. Some of these places are in daily use, with the man in the street totally oblivious of its history and significance in the ABW. It is my passion to share these places with other people.