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SIMBA 4X4 TOURS & SAFARIS offer guided group 4×4 safari tours through South Africa and South East Africa. We we do not offer scheduled tours, but will design custom Safaris to suit your needs and wants. If none of the illustrated “Standard Safaris” are to your liking, we will arrange a Custom Safari to suit your requirements.To maintain our high standards and keep customers happy, numbers are limited to 12 persons or 4 vehicles per tour. Full Company Profile

Applicable to all Safaris:

All Safaris start and finish in Johannesburg and are self drive self catering. Arrive a day early to collect your hired 4×4 (2 hr process, I will arrange a hire 4×4 for you), shop for basics, and then it’s off to a B&B for the night. The safari proper starts at 06h00 on the morning after the day of arrival.

All accommodation consists of camping in Rooftop tents (except the Kruger Park Accommodated Safari) on the hired 4x4s. This tour is full participation camping. This means that guests will have to assist with camp chores, such as setting up your tent and other camp chores, including your own cooking and washing your own dishes.

Once we have worked out an acceptable itinerary, I will email you an invoice and you will have to pay the agreed amount into my Bank account. I require a 33% non-refundable deposit 4 days after acceptance and then the balance is payable 6 weeks before departure. Without this second payment I cannot continue with the Safari, as I will need this money to pay the costs for the camping, park fees and the 4×4 hire up front, to finally secure your bookings. This second amount is also not refundable, as once I have paid my suppliers the Safari is cast in stone. If you have a situation where you cannot proceed with the Safari, you will have to claim costs from your travel insurance.

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SIMBA 4X4 TOURS & SAFARIS provides you with diverse experiences in 8 African countries. Experience guided group 4×4 safari tours through Africa, South Africa, East Africa, South East Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho, Tanzania and Kenya